My insurance company has suggested I have my car repaired at their repair shop. I want to bring my car to you, but they seem pretty pushy. Do I have to go to their repair shop?

You can have your car repaired at any auto body shop of your choice. Prior state law prohibited insurance companies from “steering” their customers to their repair shops, however it has recently been amended and insurance companies can now push harder for you to choose one of their repair shops, even if you have already told them you will be taking your car somewhere else. The bottom line is: It’s your car, and your choice.


My insurance company says I need to take my car to one of their repair shops for an inspection, is this right?

Yes and No. They may request an inspection at one of their referred shops in the hope that they can sell themselves to you and you will chose them. This is not required. However, to speed up the process you may take your car to their shop for the estimate and provide us with a copy of the approved estimate. This will be faster than waiting up to 48 hours for a field adjuster to look at your car.


I received an estimate from you and then the insurance company wrote an estimate and it is lower, why?

Most adjusters write a simplified initial estimate and it is our responsibility once your car is here to work with them to ensure all the necessary repairs are done to your car. Before you make your decision, you can bring in your copy of the insurance estimate and we can review them together and determine the differences.


Do you need to see my car in order to write an estimate?

Yes. In order to write an accurate estimate we do need to see the car, pictures usually do not provide the level of detail we need. You don’t need an appointment; you can bring the car down anytime Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm or Saturday by appointment.


My insurance company is telling me they are putting a non-OEM part on my car. Is that allowed?

Yes, unless you have an OEM endorsement on your policy. This option is not available through every insurance company. We suggest you contact your agent and read through your policy to determine if your insurance company has the right to use non factory parts. We strongly recommend the use of factory parts for optimum safety, fit, and finish.


My insurance company told me that you are not one of their approved repair shops. Can you still repair my car?

Yes. We are not on the approved lists for any insurance company because we choose to work for you instead of giving discounts to get more traffic from specific insurance companies. We work with all insurance carriers. All you have to do is tell your adjuster that you have made your choice to have your car repaired at Stroyer Brothers and we will take over from there. We can handle all communications with your insurance company.