A collision repair estimate is just that, an estimate

A collision repair estimate is just that, an estimate

Recently someone came to our shop for an estimate after a collision. They left the shop, went shopping at other collision repair shops and found different estimates. Unhappy they left us a negative review.

Let’s look at the process:

Stroyer Brothers Escondido estimate

When you bring us you car we do a preliminary estimate. Based on what we can see and our 30+ years of experience fixing cars. It is only the beginning of the process.

The insurance adjuster then comes and does their own estimate and let’s keep in mind that most adjusters do not have an extensive experience repairing cars. As a result, most adjusters low ball the estimation of the cost of repair.

After the estimate is approved and the owner gives us the green light we proceed with the disassembly of the damaged area of the vehicle. This usually leads to the discovery of hidden damage, something less experienced estimators are likely to miss.

After 30+ years in the business, we know what to look for and recognize the signs likely to lead to unseen damage.

We then send the insurance company a supplement to the estimate and, if necessary schedule a second insurance inspection.

The parts:

What kind of parts did the shop quote? Whether they quoted original manufacturer parts, after market parts or used or refurbished parts will have an impact on the estimate. We quote original manufacturer parts, they fit better and usually are safer.

What kind of paint did they quote, we use only the best paints made by PPG. They look better and have a limited lifetime warranty

The training and experience:

Our employees have been with us for a long time, they are well trained in their area of expertise, went through the I-Car certification process, the most stringent certification and the gold standard for the collision repair industry

In addition to our employee certification, our shop is I-Car Gold Class certified.

The Gold Class® recognition is the highest training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry. It is estimated that only 20% of repair shops currently meet the rigorous Gold Class standard

We also are collision repair certified and/or approved /recognized by

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)



As you can see, a lot goes into an estimate and the original is rarely the final estimate.

We built our reputation on quality work, honesty and customer satisfaction. We will not low ball an estimate just to get you to leave the car with us.

When you pick up your car from Stroyer Brother, you car will be back to pre accident condition and to manufacturer specification, as safe as it was when you first left the dealership.